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Identify Operational Impacts to Marketing, Sales, Service and Support

Part I, Part II and Part III of this article demonstrated how marketing impacts almost every aspect of your company. But the most important impact is on the[...]

SEO Copywriting Post Panda & Penguin - A Journey Into The Future

Many times in previous articles I have alluded to the fact that nothing stays the same when it comes to the Internet and SEO, but never before have there been such[...]

Give Thanks for These Top 5 Ways to Build or Rebuild High Quality Links to Your Website

In the wake of Google’s Penguin algorithmic updates, web marketers are left with the all-consuming task of getting rid of all low quality links that are affecting[...]

Put Online Press Releases to Work for You: Start Building Traffic and Links to Your Website

At Xcellimark, we truly believe in the power of the online press release, not only internally but externally for our clients. Whether we’re announcing a new website[...]

SEO for Blogging: How to Balance Good Writing With Good SEO Practices

Are you one who looks forward to the changing seasons to see what new styles and trends in clothing will be popular, or are you a person with your own unique style[...]

Learn How to Dominate the Search Engines at Friday's Workshop in Orlando

This Friday (10/26) Xcellimark continues its 6-part monthly workshop series on Internet Marketing Strategies. In the past, we’ve discussed the important of strategy[...]

Facebook Advertising ROI - The Verdict is Still Out

Recently, we started Facebook advertising campaigns for some of our clients in an effort to promote their existing fan pages, build a bigger audience, increase[...]

Hello. My Name is Brittany and I'm an Instagram Addict

It’s currently the social media platform that I use the most. Whether I’m taking and uploading photos to share or browsing other accounts and looking at their[...]

Sodha Travel Ventures into a New Web Design

Allison Sodha, the founding owner of Sodha Travel, approached Xcellimark about redesigning her website to accomplish several goals:
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