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New Requirements Cause Bing Ads Panic

Panic has spread among Bing ads users in the last 24 hours, as some users have found themselves unable to access their accounts. This is due to new requirements that[...]

New Report Shows Facebook Conversions Are Rising

Promoting a business on Facebook is producing increasingly impressive results, according to a new study carried out by internet analysis specialists Nanigans. The[...]

Secret Searchers

Marketers panicked when a recent bug led to Google keywords becoming temporarily invisible; however, many searches are intentionally kept secret to the best of the[...]

Google Review Extensions Released

Four months after beta testing began, Google is extending its review extensions system to all English language AdWords customers. The testing has reportedly been a[...]

Was Bing it On Biased?

Between December last year and June this year, Bing ran a survey that led it to conclude that most people prefer their search engine to Google when they do not know[...]

New Local Focus For Google Search

The last few months have seen several different search engines taking an increased interest in local search. The emphasis is shifting after years spent focusing on[...]

March of The Penguin 2.1

Last Friday saw the release of the latest version of Google Penguin, with implications for search engine optimization. The first update since May, Penguin 2.1 is[...]

Reaching New Customers with New Languages

Expanding a successful website into new languages is an exciting possibility, but until now it has been riddled with potential pitfalls. Now Google has brought out a[...]

Meet Google Hummingbird

Over the past few weeks, search engine optimization experts have been whispering among themselves that Google seemed to be behaving strangely. On Thursday – the day[...]

Getting Good Reviews Without Cheating

Last week saw 19 companies fined a total of $350,000 for posting fake reviews of their products and services online. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been[...]
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