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Trust in Online Ads is Growing

Two new studies have sparked interest within the world of search engine marketing this week. The first comes from Nielsen and shows that consumer trust in online[...]

Instagram to Start Accepting Ads

Instagram hit 150 million users yesterday and its mission to "capture and share the world’s moments" is finally beginning to look like it might have a serious impact[...]

LinkedIn Targets Teen Market

In a surprise move, LinkedIn has decided to lower the minimum age limit for its accounts, aiming to help students and broaden its appeal to advertisers. The change[...]

Making the Most of Your Unique Assets

The encroachment of Google Penguin 2.0 means that many business websites have seen their search engine rankings crash as traditional forms of link building have lost[...]

Dealing with Defamation Online

While it is great to focus on the positive aspects of online marketing, sadly sometimes it is necessary to deal with negative things. When defamatory content about a[...]

Facebook Announces New Ways to Run Competitions

Competition options on Facebook are expanding, with new, simpler ways for businesses to reach out to their online fans. The upshot is that it will no longer be[...]

Bing Reinvents Its Shopping Searches

Big changes are underway at Microsoft search engine Bing, with a complete revamp of how it organizes product information. The new Product Search will make it easier[...]

Yahoo Surges Ahead

It is normally a long way behind, but last month Yahoo overtook Google in terms of the number of unique US-based visitors using traditional devices. The surprise[...]

Tracking Emotional Reactions: The Future of Advertising

When Google Glass first appeared on the scene, everybody knew it would bring changes; however, the marketing possibilities seemed limited. How much information could[...]

Taking Action on Bad Links

Google and other leading search engines have recently been getting a lot more strict on sites with multiple bad links pointing to them.
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