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Five Ways to Make Sure Your Blog is Effective

If you are just beginning to realize that your website is screaming for a blog to help your site rank higher with Google, it’s time to get to it and get that blog[...]

Blogging with Integrity: the Simple Truth

Many people in today’s enormously competitive marketplace are looking for ways to get ahead, stay ahead or simply keep from drowning in the tough economic times we[...]

Content Creation Ranks as the Most Effective SEO Tactic

Marketing Sherpa surveyed over 1,500 marketers, and they indicated that content creation is the most effective SEO tactic, even above keyphrase research and title[...]

SEO Blog Writing Strategies That Pack a Heavy Punch (Part 1)

Every writer has a particular writing style and method for writing whatever he or she writes – whether it is a blog article or a work of fiction. However there are a[...]

You Already Know This, But Let's Think About it Anyway

You already know these things – I would bet my last dollar on it! But every now and then it’s a good idea to take a look at any type of process to make sure we are[...]

What's the Real Value of a Date?

As I started researching, trying to decide what I would write this blog article about, I was poking around the Internet hoping for a bit of inspiration to hit me so[...]

5 Elements That Make Your Readers Want to Return to Your Blog

Two basic goals of any blogger should include writing content that he or she would be happy for anyone on the planet to read and writing content that other people[...]

Keywords, Blogs and Scanability: How Fast Can You Read?

It’s a universal problem in today’s multi-tasking, 3-steps at a time many emails in our inboxes; so many informational articles and worthwhile blogs to[...]

Google is Going Green and Fresh

Did you hear the latest? Google appears to be getting into organic farming. Or at least it seems that way.
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