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For Those About To Buy

Wouldn’t it be useful to know not only what customers were interested in buying but also when they were interested in buying it? This is the thinking behind a new[...]

Yelp Growth Continues

The rapid growth of business review site Yelp is continuing, according to third-quarter figures released this week. These figures showed a 68% growth in revenue over[...]

Facebook Custom Audiences Open Up New Opportunities

Facebook has long offered tools to help businesses target specific sets of customers; however, for the first time, it is now making it possible for them to target a[...]

New Local Focus For Google Search

The last few months have seen several different search engines taking an increased interest in local search. The emphasis is shifting after years spent focusing on[...]

Yahoo Maps Gets an Upgrade

The global market dominance of Google Maps has made it difficult to compete with to the point where many businesses have decided not to make the effort to ensure[...]

Effective Conversion Strategies for Local SEO

Last month we highlighted how Local Search has become SEO for many businesses and industries where the search engines have deemed specific keyphrases used by the[...]

Local Search Becoming Dominant SEO Initiative

I remember speaking several years back to a group of business owners about the growing importance of initiating a Local Search campaign for their businesses. Google[...]

3 Pillars to Local Search Marketing

A business’s ability to rank well among online search, in which users are searching for a local business, is becoming more and more important. Instead of the[...]

Good Customer Service is Key to Positive Online Reviews

If you’re a business owner, you should never underestimate the power of good customer service. It can literally make or your break your business online. That’s[...]

Local Search Hits the Big Time - Part Two

In Part One of this article on Local Search, I talked about what a Local Listing is and how you can get one. Today's article will take that a step further by[...]
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