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Breaking The Spell

Following speculation on the part of users, it has now been revealed that the Apple App Store search engine has undergone an update. The most important change? It[...]

Talking To The Xbox

This Friday will see the launch of the Xbox One, which features built-in Bing to power its searches –and a whole new way of using it. This will be the first[...]

Yahoo Kicks Off Domainapalooza

The rumor is that Yahoo has been looking for a bit of spare cash recently, with some interesting possible acquisitions in mind. It was therefore real luck that led[...]

Could Microsoft Sell Bing?

In less than a year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will retire. Former Nokia man Stephen Elop is hotly tipped to take the top job, and Elop is said to have a priority[...]

Are Multiple-Page Sites Worthwhile?

Having lots of pages on a website does not automatically mean that it will receive a more favorable ranking from Google, said Matt Cutts yesterday. This will come as[...]

New Requirements Cause Bing Ads Panic

Panic has spread among Bing ads users in the last 24 hours, as some users have found themselves unable to access their accounts. This is due to new requirements that[...]

A Bad Deal For Yahoo?

After some months of simmering just beneath the surface, tensions between Yahoo and Microsoft broke through into public view this week when a US court ruled that,[...]

Google Review Extensions Released

Four months after beta testing began, Google is extending its review extensions system to all English language AdWords customers. The testing has reportedly been a[...]

Was Bing it On Biased?

Between December last year and June this year, Bing ran a survey that led it to conclude that most people prefer their search engine to Google when they do not know[...]

March of The Penguin 2.1

Last Friday saw the release of the latest version of Google Penguin, with implications for search engine optimization. The first update since May, Penguin 2.1 is[...]
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