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12 Ways to Find Out How You Stack Up Against Your Competition

What's the measure of a great brand? Increasingly, brands are defined by how they appear online. Even if you don't directly sell anything online, it's critical to[...]

The Importance of a Website with Visual Appeal

The Internet is becoming more image oriented, and Internet marketers and web designers need to keep up. This is the stark message coming from the search engines as[...]

Keeping It Simple: Five Priorities In Web Design

When it comes to web design there are always new tricks to learn; however, what sometimes gets lost along the way is the importance of simplicity.

Google Page Layout Algorithm Updated

Google has updated its page layout algorithm, and web designers should take note. Over the last week site owners have been speculating about mysterious drops in[...]

4 Indications You May Need a Website Redesign

Many business owners or marketing directors feel like they are failing when they are not getting meaningful business results through their website marketing efforts.[...]

Responsive Web Design: The Top Trend For 2014

Ask anybody about what is hot in web design this year and they are likely to mention responsive web design. If anything it is overdue, given how much popular means[...]

Making It Work With Mobile

With new figures showing that mobile phones are now used by 91% of the world's population, with 50% of them using their mobiles as their primary source of internet[...]

Secret Searchers

Marketers panicked when a recent bug led to Google keywords becoming temporarily invisible; however, many searches are intentionally kept secret to the best of the[...]

Understanding Cross-Device Conversions

Yesterday Google began the roll-out of a new system designed to estimate the rate of cross-device conversions for AdWords users – but what is a cross device[...]

Sodha Travel Ventures into a New Web Design

Allison Sodha, the founding owner of Sodha Travel, approached Xcellimark about redesigning her website to accomplish several goals:
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