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The Most Important Elements of Website Design

I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Internet industry since 1995 when I was the product manager for, one of the first ISPs to be launched in[...]

Why Great Website Design No Longer Works - Part Two

In part one of this article, I shared why a great website design is not enough to help your business achieve its goals and went over some of the elements that you[...]

Why Great Website Design No Longer Works

Great website design by itself no longer works. This announcement may come as a shock from a company that has won national web design awards for the last 5 years in[...]

What Do People Want From Your Website Design?

Do you know what your visitors really want from your website? I can tell you. It’s not flashy, animated graphics. It’s not a talking video, unexplainably blaring[...]

Accessibility: What is it and What is the Big Deal?

A good website is made up of many components, but one that is often underutilized or even forgotten about is accessibility.

Website Integration of the Google Maps API

One of the most powerful map applications currently available, Google Maps, has revolutionized the way people find businesses and services or trace routes to[...]
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