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Understanding Cross-Device Conversions

Yesterday Google began the roll-out of a new system designed to estimate the rate of cross-device conversions for AdWords users – but what is a cross device conversion, how can it be measured, and what does it mean for businesses seeking to manage their online presence?

The reason why this new tool is valuable and will be eagerly embraced by marketers and web design specialists is that traditional methods of measuring conversions have been compromised by the fact that most users now go online using more than one device. A cross-device conversion occurs when, for instance, a user explores a business website from a desktop computer and later makes a purchase from it using a tablet. If this user is logged into Google on both occasions, the search engine will now link these events. It will then use the number of logged in users making conversions such as this to help it to estimate the overall level of cross-device conversions.

Google users need not worry that their personal data will be shared as part of this process. Only aggregate data will be available; however, it will be worked out for each individual business so that it is possible for them to map the success of their campaigns across multiple devices. A business will, however, need to receive a certain volume of AdWords-related sales before the data produced by the system becomes statistically reliable.

With a study last month concluding that more than 90% of multiple device owners now routinely use more than one device to complete a purchase, the time is ripe for an approach such as this to help businesses to track what is going on. It also emphasizes the importance of businesses coordinating their marketing and making sure that both their advertising campaigns and their web design are accessible across multiple devices.

Over time, Google plans to extend its system so that businesses have the option of recording telephone and in-store purchases and feeding them into the conversions assessment process. It notes that users make 40 million calls per day directly from the business adverts it carries; however, as yet there is no solid data on how many of those calls turn into sales, either for business types or for individual businesses.

Developing effective promotional strategies within an increasingly diverse multi-device marketplace takes both skill and experience. If you want a helping hand to make the most of your opportunities, call Xcellimark at 888-318-3950 ext 211 to speak with an internet marketing consultant today.

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