HubSpot Onboarding Services

HubSpot Onboarding Services

HubSpot is the #1 CRM that helps companies and organizations scale and grow.

Whether you are currently considering HubSpot or have recently signed up with HubSpot, it’s essential to implement the system properly.


Generic onboarding, as in one size fits all, does not always work. It’s much better to have your HubSpot Onboarding customized to your company according to how your marketing, sales, and service teams operate - or need to operate.

Common Challenges
in HubSpot CRM Onboarding

Here are some common challenges you may encounter if your HubSpot Onboarding is not executed correctly:


Contact Data

Incomplete and complicated contact data imports risk losing critical customer information, requiring a significant number of hours to fix the data issues between your old contact database and the HubSpot CRM. Don’t leave your important data imports to chance.


Learning a new platform can sometimes require a change in employee and team behavior. Therefore, ensuring that they can thoroughly learn the new HubSpot CRM is essential for full utilization so you can receive the most benefits from your investment.


Your teams can go into information overload when trying to learn a new CRM, creating confusion and increasing the likelihood of making mistakes. This can lead to wasted time and money. Let us help you implement your new CRM in the most effective way for your work environment.


Lack of proper planning can lead to delays, missteps, and confusion when setting up your new CRM. Ensure that your new HubSpot CRM is set up according to the needs of each job role.


Failure to integrate your marketing, sales, and service processes into your CRM may lead to cross-functional team friction and make your teams’ jobs more challenging. Of course, the point of getting the HubSpot CRM is to help improve your teams’ jobs and processes, so ensuring it is set up correctly from the beginning is critical.

and Analytics

HubSpot has many out-of-the-box reports and analytics available to place onto reporting dashboards. You can also create custom reports and add them to your dashboards.
To ensure proper decision-making, you must understand how to set up these reports and dashboards.


Poor third-party application integration leads to a lack of data and vital information that your team and decision-makers may need. Ensure that your third-party apps are correctly connected and working.
The Xcellimark Difference in CRM Onboarding

The Xcellimark
Difference in CRM

HubSpot requires all customers to be onboarded by either a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner like Xcellimark or HubSpot’s onboarding consultants.


There are key differences between Xcellimark’s Onboarding Process and HubSpot Onboarding:


  1. Xcellimark does the onboarding work for you. In contrast, HubSpot tells your team what to do, and the responsibility is on you to do that correctly, efficiently, and effectively.

  2. Xcellimark customizes your HubSpot system to your company and team instead of trying to make your company and team fit HubSpot.

  3. Xcellimark’s onboarding process sets your company up for success, providing a gateway to our advanced, customized training services for your company. While you can get generic training videos in HubSpot’s Academy, Xcellimark steps outside the one-size-fits-all training model to train your team more effectively. Training is based on your specific HubSpot license and implementing the functionality based on exactly how your company and teams operate.
Overall HubSpot CRM Setup and Onboarding

Overall HubSpot CRM Setup and Onboarding

  1. Add employees to HubSpot (Determine user roles, HubSpot permissions, and teams).

  2. Upload existing contacts, companies, and deals into HubSpot.

  3. Connect integrations as needed to HubSpot.

  4. Add company logo.

  5. Set up company address, locations, phones, website URL.

  6. Connect email DKIM in domain account.

  7. Connect Google Analytics to HubSpot.

  8. Add HubSpot email extensions to Outlook or Gmail.

  9. Connect Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

  10. Ensure HTTPS is activated.

  11. Turn on GDPR if desired (Review and edit standard GDPR wording).

  12. Create personas if desired.

  13. Set up custom property fields for creating a contact, company, deal, or ticket record.

  14. Set up standard dashboards & reporting.

  15. Add Live Chat to your website.

Once we have completed the onboarding process for your HubSpot CRM, you are ready for our advanced custom HubSpot training.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding

Marketing Hub

  1. Connect subdomains & install HubSpot tracking code.

  2. Set up email sending domain and CAN-SPAM.

  3. Import marketing opt-in and opt-out lists.

  4. Set up email footer with company address, etc.

  5. Add social media accounts (pro or enterprise).

  6. Create marketing email lists.

  7. Set up blog template if using HubSpot blog.

  8. Set up landing page template.

  9. Upload files and images.

  10. Activate Vidyard.

  11. Set up email subscription types.

  12. Configure settings.

Once we have completed the HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding processes, you are ready for our advanced custom HubSpot Marketing Hub training.


See our advanced HubSpot training customized for your team.

Hubspot Sales

Hubspot Sales
Hub Onboarding

  1. Connect your email accounts.

  2. Connect calendars (Office 365 or Google Gmail).

  3. Set up your calendar link.

  4. Upload your contacts if not already completed.

  5. Check HubSpot for duplicate contacts & merge contacts as needed.

  6. Upload your companies if not already completed.

  7. Check HubSpot for duplicate companies & merge companies as needed.

  8. Create deal pipelines.

  9. Set up deal automation.

  10. Upload existing deals.

  11. Add email signatures to HubSpot.

  12. Upload sales documents.

Once we have completed the HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding set up, you are ready for our advanced custom HubSpot Sales Hub training for your team.


See our advanced custom training for the HubSpot Sales Hub.

HubSpot Service Hub Onboarding

HubSpot Service
Hub Onboarding

  1. Set up intake channels for the service team.

  2. Set up meeting calendars.

  3. Create a customized ticket pipeline.

  4. Set up customer self-serve knowledge base.

  5. Set up ticket automation.

Once we have completed the HubSpot Service Hub Onboarding processes, you are ready for our advanced custom HubSpot Service Hub training for your team.


See our advanced custom training
for the HubSpot Service Hub.


Productive and timely HubSpot Onboarding is key to your company’s success and enjoying the benefits and rewards that the HubSpot CRM offers you, your company, and your teams.


Xcellimark is a Certified Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner, Certified HubSpot Trainer, and Manager of the Orlando and Central Florida HubSpot User Group (HUG).

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