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Drive Continuous Revenue Growth Through Digital Marketing

For over 18 years and 17 awards, Xcellimark has helped its clients increase their leads by an average of 93% within 12 months of implementing our Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan.

The Digital Marketing Problem


Does this sound familiar?

  • You have redesigned your website more than once, hired SEO experts, blasted emails, and taken a run at social media.

  • You are struggling to scale your content marketing and you have more tools than you can manage.

  • Your sales group says that your marketing leads are not very good.

  • And while you have definitely made some progress, it hasn't significantly impacted your ROI.

How can you create a content marketing strategy and plan that actually works for you?

The Good News Is, There’s Still Hope!

Get the help you need to improve your content marketing.

Creating a customized content marketing strategy and plan that will advance your digital marketing and sales capabilities.

When done correctly, your plan will:

  • Drive greater awareness of your company
  • Deliver the content your ideal buyers seek
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Create more sales opportunities
  • Close more sales
  • Maximize your ROI

Get Help With Your Content!

Xcellimark Provides You with the Services, Technology, Training, and Support to Help You Grow Your Business

Developing Your Digital Content Marketing Plan -
The Roadmap

Developing a roadmap that aligns your marketing and sales objectives is the key to achieving your goals. This roadmap is your customized Digital Marketing Strategy & Plan.

The following statistic is one reason many teams have failed at building a strategy and plan that results in success:


“Only 27% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.”
(Content Marketing Institute 2018)


Whether your objectives are focused on lead generation, sales revenue, brand awareness, or website traffic, you need a roadmap for achieving your success.

 This is why...

“98% of marketing influencers (owners, CXO, VPs) consider an effective digital marketing plan is successful at achieving important objectives.”
(Ascend2 Research 2018)



Don't Stress. We'll Do the Heavy Lifting to Get You the Best Content Strategy & Plan


Market Demand & Content Analysis

Find out which search phrases people are actually using to search for your type of products or services. You can always guess, but why guess when you can get the real data.


Develop Your Value Proposition

What sets you apart from your competition? Something more than "You're the Best" we hope! Everyone says that and no one believes it. Discover how to clearly articulate "Why You!"


Marketing Competitive Analysis

So how do you actually stack up next to your online competitors? Have you taken a real look at what your online competitors are doing better than or worse than you? Let's find out!


Content Marketing Strategy & Plan

What is your strategy to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time? Do you have a plan to make that happen? We do, so let's create your content strategy and plan!


Buyer Persona Development

How well do you know your customers? Do you know what caused them to start looking for a solution to their problem? We'll help you learn their key triggers and other buying insights.


Inbound Marketing Strategy & Plan

Even when you have a Content Marketing plan, you still need to know how you are going to implement your plan in a way that will help increase your traffic,  leads and customers. That's your Inbound Plan.

Implementing Inbound Marketing – The Engine

Your Digital Content Marketing Strategy & Plan will lay out the specifics for the primary digital marketing channels you need in order to run your campaigns.

Your plan will ultimately lead your target buyers right to their final destination...Your sales team.

Inbound marketing is the engine that,

  • Attracts your target audience
  • Converts your audience into leads
  • Nurtures your leads into sales opportunities
  • Closes your opportunities into customers
Inbound Marketing Plan

Xcellimark Helps You Succeed Through the Following Inbound Marketing Services:


We'll help you get found in Google, Bing, and other search engines through trusted SEO practices. We were doing SEO before Google was even an idea.

Local Search Marketing

Get your company set up in Google My Business and Bing Local. It's different from the regular search engines and can't be ignored.

Social Media Marketing

It's important to have a strong presence in social media to promote your brand and your products/services. Make sure you do it right so people will want to follow you.

Email Marketing

Done correctly, email marketing gives a huge boost to your marketing efforts. Done incorrectly and your company can end up on email black lists. We;ll keep you off the blacklist.

Website Optimization

SEO has many aspects, but a big part includes your website coding, and optimization. Xcellimark knows how to optimize your website.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

One sure way to be found in the search engines and social media is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Sponsored Ads. We're experts with online advertising.

Video Marketing

Put your message, personality and branding front and center for your whole audience to see. Video helps you create great messaging that also sells.


Blogging has become mainstream! Writing articles on your blog and promoting them on social media is the way to get your messages across and become the experts in your industry.

Marketing Automation

Get the software you need to successfully automate and improve your marketing, sales, and customer service. Xcellimark recommends & supports the HubSpot.


Get deeper insights on your leads, track your communications, keep prospecting notes, plan meetings, and even call your prospects all from one place: your CRM.


Being able to easily update your website system is important. Keep your website content fresh through an easy-to-use Content Management System.


Xcellimark will teach you how to do your own Digital Marketing through online training, personal consulting, and group classes. Learn how to be the expert in your company instead of relying on others!

Content Marketing – The Fuel

Content Marketing

The content your buyers are consuming is the fuel to increasing your website traffic, lead generation and sales opportunities.

It is the blood that flows through the veins of all your digital marketing channels designed to reach your ideal buyers as they research and educate themselves on the best solution for their needs.

Your Content Marketing Strategy & Plan specifies the type of content you need to create, publish, and market to achieve your business goals.

Here's the thing...

“The category of Content Creation & Marketing is the #1 challenge for marketers and executives.”
(Xcellimark 2018 Market Survey)

Luckily for you, you won't have that problem because we'll help you fix it.

Get Help With Your Content!

Xcellimark Provides You With the Following Content Creation and Marketing Services


Website ContentWebsite


Social Media PostsSocial media

Guides & eBooksGuides &

Case StudiesCase studies



Landing Pages & FormsLanding pages
& Forms

Auto-responder EmailsAuto-responder

Lead Nurturing EmailsLead nurturing



Press ReleasesPress



Audio RecordingAudio


Get Help With Your Content!

Sales Enablement – The Closer

Not sure if you’ve heard this already (or you may have figured it out), but the reality is 


You no longer control the sales process.

Your buyer does.

Sales Enablement

Because of that, your marketing and sales efforts need to be more aligned and integrated with each other to ensure that you are providing your potential buyers the information they need to help make a buying decision – specifically to buy from you!

Your interactions and engagements with your potential buyers also need to be personalized to their individual needs.

Having access to a CRM system that helps you more fully know your customers and potential clients, and keeps up with their past interactions, helps you personalize their interaction with you - and win their business.

We're not the only ones saying this...

“59% of customers say that tailored engagement, based upon past interactions, is very important to winning their business.” 
(Salesforce State of Connected Customer 2018)

Help for Sales Teams

Sales Enablement Help

Your sales team needs the content, processes, and technology that enables them to perform more efficiently and effectively.

A robust CRM helps create the efficiency you need to close more deals.

“Today, companies' top sales priorities are closing more deals (75%) and improving the efficiency of the sales funnel.”
(HubSpot State of Inbound 2018.)

Xcellimark's Sales Enablement Services help you generate more sales opportunities, close more deals, and improve the efficiency of your sales process through the HubSpot all-in-one marketing, sales, and service software platform.

Our Sales Enablement Services Include:


Sales and Marketing Alignment

Xcellimark will help you create your Buyer Personas, align your content with your buyer persona sales funnel, and optimize your lead scoring system to help qualify your prospects.

Sales Process Optimization

Together we'll define your specific sales cycles, identify the different phases that your prospects go through in your sales cycle, and set up key deal stages within your HubSpot CRM.


Sales Content Optimization

The HubSpot CRM will allow you to create email sales templates that are customizable for each individual. We'll also help you create online brochures and sales collateral.

Sales Technology and Automation

Xcellimark will help you set up a robust HubSpot CRM system that will allow you to automate much of your sales communications, learn more about your prospects and set up and track your deals. 


Reporting and Analysis

We'll help you set up robust reporting dashboards inside your HubSpot CRM that will track your Deal stages, Revenue projections, Prospect communications, and so much more.

Training and Consulting

Xcellimark can conduct online or in-person training workshops as well as online self-pace training for your sales and marketing teams to help them fully understand and use the HubSpot platform.

Service Enablement – Delight Your Customers!

Customer Satisfaction

Delighted customers are not just the Customer Service Team's responsibility. Your customers provide you with incredible opportunities for additional marketing and sales so it's important to keep your client communications open.

“70% of customers say service agents’ awareness of sales interactions is very important to keeping their business.” (Salesforce State of Connected Customer 2018)

Continually Improve Your Marketing & Sales

Your ideal customers provide key insights when updating your buyer persona development, which helps you continually improve and optimize your marketing and sales efforts.

In fact, your clients are a great resource for case studies, white papers, testimonials, reviews, and referrals that help you create new leads and sales opportunities for your business.

Xcellimark will help you build those assets as part of our inbound marketing and content marketing services.

HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service Technology – The Framework

Technology that supports your marketing, sales and service processes, and activities is critical to competing in today’s all-digital, all-the-time marketplace.

However, you may find that you are overwhelmed with the implementation, management, maintenance, training, and support of the multiple technology tools being used throughout your company. 


Here's the stats...

“The average # of marketing technologies in a company are 16, however they range as high as 98 in larger companies. Also, (50%) of marketers say that too many technologies is their top frustration, followed by problems integrating the technologies (49%).”
(The Marketing Technology Industry Council 2017)

You Need Actionable Intelligence

You need a framework that integrates your marketing, sales, and service activities into one unified platform.

This type of platform lowers your cost, risk, and the time required to manage, operate, maintain, and update your technology capabilities.

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service software platform that helps you achieve that goal.

In fact, HubSpot was recognized by Gartner Peer insights as the Best CRM Lead Management Software of 2018 as reviewed by customers.

Certified HubSpot Gold Partner


Xcellimark is a Certified HubSpot Gold Partner and the Leader of the Orlando HubSpot User Group.

We provide educational seminars and workshops on marketing best practices, especially using HubSpot.

Xcellimark Helps HubSpot Clients:


Configure HubSpotSetup, configure, and program their HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub

Marketing Sales CampaignsManage, analyze, and optimize marketing and sales campaigns

DashboardsSet up custom dashboards and reports


TrainingLearn how to use HubSpot, including insider tips and tricks to get the most out of the software

SupportSupport and service their HubSpot needs on an ongoing basis

Sales TrainingTrain sales teams on how to most effectively use HubSpot and sales techniques that closes more sales.

Get Your Free Consultation

Get Your Free Consultation with tips that you can quickly use to improve your performance in attracting, engaging, and converting your ideal buyers into customers.

Get Your Free Consultation

“70% of customers say connected processes – such as seamless handoffs or contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions – are very important to winning their business.”
(Salesforce State of the Connected Customer 2018)

Get Your Free Guide to Digital Marketing

It’s time to create a digital content marketing strategy and plan customized for your business goals.

Get your FREE GUIDE to content marketing success by downloading the:

"8 Critical Ingredients of a Digital Marketing Plan"

  • Develop a stellar value proposition,
  • Personalize your content marketing strategy,
  • Design a call-to-action that people won't pass up,
  • Create your own online competitive analysis,
  • And more!


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