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Grow faster

Grow Faster
and Smarter
with Inbound

Attract your ideal clients to your company by creating and publishing the type of content that is in line with what they are interested in.


  • Key analytical tools for the research

  • Generate traffic to your website

  • Convert website visitors to qualified leads.

  • And ultimately close more sales.

Inbound marketing helps to peak the interest of your ideal prospects and guides them through a sales path that is tailored to their needs.



As you can see from the graphic above, inbound marketing starts with building awareness to help attract your ideal prospects.


From there you move them through very specific “lead nurturing” paths in order to convert them from a prospect to a lead.


By continuing to provide different types of content that helps them in their research and decision-making process, you are able to more easily convert your leads into an actual sale.

Let's look at each of aspect of Inbound Marketing in more detail.

Attract prospects

Attract Prospects

It's important for you to be in front of your ideal prospects in the digital channels they use online.


You need to distinguish yourself from the crowd of other vendors and businesses by using various aspects of content marketing and social media such as:


  • Blog Articles

  • Tweets

  • Facebook Posts

  • LinkedIn Posts

  • PPC Ads (yes, that’s advertising but it’s also content)

  • Press Releases

  • Customer Reviews

Convert Visitors
to Qualified Leads

For many companies, a sale is not immediate since many of your visitors are not always “sales-ready”.


Therefore, you need to provide an opportunity for your potential clients to receive more information that will help lead them down a decision path. Offer something of value to them in return for getting their contact information.


You can offer content and use tools such as:


  • White papers on subjects that will interest them and educate them.

  • Ebooks that help them understand your products or services better.

  • Tip sheets on best practices or things to think about before buying.

  • Call-to-Action buttons that encourage your prospects to take action.

  • Landing Pages that fulfill the promise of the call-to-action.

  • Forms to capture their contact information.

Close More Sales

As your “leads” interact with your website and your various types of content, you need to determine how qualified your leads are through a CRM and Marketing Automation Platform so you can effectively nurture and guide them through their decision-making process or buying cycle with timely, sequenced and targeted content and communications.


This is often referred to as “lead nurturing” and “lead scoring” which helps you to close more sales from the visitors who interact with your brand online.


Grow Your Business

As you continue to nurture your sales prospects and leads, you can begin measuring your performance and results through your Marketing Automation Platform to see what is working and what needs to be improved. Through your analysis you can continue to:


  • Optimize your Inbound Marketing Campaign

  • Create new content that interests more of your ideal clients

  • Create more paths of opportunity to attract prospects

  • Test different email campaigns

  • Test different calls-to-action

  • Stay in closer contact with your existing clients

  • Create more opportunities for your existing clients

  • Close more sales

Bottom Line, an
Inbound Marketing Program:

  • Requires an integrated approach across all marketing channels of search engine marketing, social media marketing and email marketing.

  • Performs the heavy lifting of educating and engaging your prospects with the systematic delivery of content that establishes you as the expert in your industry.

  • Answers the key questions on why your company is your ideal prospect’s best option.

  • Motivates prospects to contact you when they are ready to speak with someone on your team.

  • Alleviates your sales team from having to work with people who are not sales-ready.

  • Allows your sales team to focus on closing more deals when your prospects are ready to buy.

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