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SEO Is No Longer
Just About Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic to your website with the ultimate goal of increasing your sales leads.


Over 80% of Web surfers use a search engine to find information, products, or services online. Therefore, SEO is extremely important for a business since it helps determine how your website will rank in the search engines.


But SEO is not what it used to be, where you could simply add some keywords to your page and hope to rank.

SEO Combines Key Phrases, Website Architecture & HTML with Content Marketing and Social Media



  • Your content needs to be high quality and informative, written in a voice for an actual website visitor, not a search engine bot.

  • You need to do keyword research and have a content theme for each page that you want to rank in the search results.

  • Your content needs to be something worth reading and linking to as a respectable resource of information.

  • Your content needs to be unique for each page.

  • You need to continue to add new, fresh content to your website through blog articles and social posts.

Website Architecture
& HTML Coding

  • Your website needs to be coded in a “search engine friendly” manner.

  • The website needs to be responsive for mobile devices.

  • The web pages need to load quickly.

  • The web pages need to be free from extraneous and unnecessary coding that can bog down the search engine spiders.

  • You need to be sure to include a Meta Title and Description on every page containing the important key phrase that you are going after.

  • You should include structured data on appropriate pages.

Trust, Authority
& Popularity

  • Your site should have naturally occurring incoming links from reputable websites.

  • The site should have the type of information and authoritative content that keeps people on the site instead of “bouncing” away with the back button.

  • Your URL history makes a difference; the longer it’s been around, the more trust that the search engines give it.

  • Ensure that your incoming links are not from spammy-type sites, link farms, or other nefarious neighborhoods.

Social Media

  • You need to have an active social presence online to help attract more visitors and links.

  • You need to share your content through social platforms and have the type of content that others will want to repost and share to their networks.

  • You need to establish a social network of potential buyers who fit your ideal buyer persona so they will have access to the content you share socially.

  • You need to publish news-worthy press releases and distribute them throughout the Internet.

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