Edit YouTube Videos with Splicd

Everyone loves to share a good YouTube video. But have you ever wanted to send a video to someone and have them get to the good part so you tell them the minute and second mark to start and stop the video?

Instead of having the viewer manually do it, now you can send them a customized snippet of a YouTube video so they can focus on the parts you want them to see and cut out the excess.
Splicd is an online website that makes it easy for anyone to edit YouTube videos by allowing users to input a customizable start and end time in order to show another viewer a specific portion of the video.
By now you’ve heard of the Double Rainbow video and it’s auto-tune song version. My boss had not seen the video yet and I wanted to share it with her without wasting her time with the extra stuff at the end.
First I went to YouTube to locate the video:
Double Rainbow Video
Then I copied and pasted the YouTube URL into www.splicd.com and entered a start and stop time:
Brittany Shelley

Written by Brittany Shelley

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