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Changing the Face of Home Loans Today

Xcellimark is an interactive agency and we have the pleasure of partnering with all types of companies to help grow their businesses through new or redesigned websites. All too often, however, we’ve witnessed how new or growing companies overlook website development in their marketing strategies and therefore not realize the revenue generation potential available to them in this digital medium.

Home Loans Today is not one of those companies. They approached Xcellimark with a clear vision in mind – to give visitors an easy-to-use website that allows them to apply directly online for home loans while getting same-day callbacks.

Highly Functional and Easy to Use

Not only did Home Loans Today want visitors to be able to apply online, but it was important to them that their visitors – and potential clients – be empowered with information. So, they asked us to import several API feeds that provide visitors with the most up-to-date information on loans and mortgage rates. It was also a priority for them that the website conveys a feeling of personal service through its design and functionality.

Keeping ease-of-use, high functionality and personal service in mind, Xcellimark launched a new website design that is both modern and down-to-earth (so to speak) with a navigation menu that is easy to use.

Get Rates, Calculate a Mortgage and More

The new Home Loans Today website provides visitors with the ability to search the latest loan rates, estimate their monthly payment using a mortgage calculator, and even sign-up to receive rate alerts directly in their email.

In addition to the convenient features on the website, Home Loans Today also wanted visitors to know that they can communicate directly with a loan specialist online instead of, waiting for a phone call. As a result, the website was built with instant message capabilities using Skype and Zendesk for the convenience of website visitors.

A Resource for Visitors

Home Loans Today provides visitors with valuable resources under their Education and Resources section, answering many of the common questions asked by new home buyers along with detailed descriptions about refinancing options available to current home owners. In addition to static resources, the leadership at Home Loans Today saw an opportunity for their specialists to connect directly with website visitors through informative blog writing and posting as well.

As Home Loans Today expands into new markets across the United States, their newly designed website is optimized for the search engines and ready to receive contact inquiries from the multiple digital media campaigns that are being employed to drive traffic to the website.

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