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Idiosyncrasies of Marketing in the Digital Era

In years past, marketing meant making sure that potential customers understood the value of your brand or product. Candice Landau, of Xanthos Marketing, explains that one of the main ways to market today is through social media channels in her article “Idiosyncrasies of Marketing in the Digital Era.”

Here are some of the key things to know about digital marketing in today's Internet-based world.

SEO - Keep it Simple!

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a buzzword in digital marketing. The obvious ways to improve your page in search engine algorithms are typically the best ways. Stick to short, catchy titles, relevant content and helpful meta tags.

Building Links Naturally

Having your link found throughout the Internet is helpful, but let it happen organically. Only offer or accept link trades with relevant websites that could potentially fit in with your image.

Create Meaningful, Interesting or Funny Content

It is not enough simply to maintain profiles on Google+, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Instead, focus on creating helpful, funny or interesting content that will improve the image of your company.

Pick the Social Media Channel that Works Best for Your Brand

You do not have to have 15 accounts in every form of social media to stay relevant. Decide on the one or two that will be best and then branch out as needed one at a time.

Be sure to choose the social media platform that is most helpful for your image whether that is professional, geeky or trendy. Ultimately, choosing to do marketing that is content based will yield better results.

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