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New Look Bing Adapts To Devices

has a brand new logo and if you keep an eye on the search engine over the next few days, you will notice that the logo is not all that has changed. This will be all the more apparent if you are looking at it using different devices. The new version is designed to display quite differently on traditional computers and across different types of mobile device, creating a user experience that is smoother and making it more accessible overall.

This adaptation to different devices marks a fresh approach for the search engine and may be a sign of things to come at others. As mobile devices have proved stubborn about their own ways of doing things, with many users seeing this as a positive thing, it has become increasingly difficult for software designers to come up with systems that work across them all; the more complex the system, the more difficult this is. The Bing approach allows for more flexibility and is designed to make each version easier to update in future.

For businesses engaged in search engine optimization, this means that information may be displayed slightly differently across the different devices. This could affect the optimal approach to the crucial first two lines of text on a webpage and could potentially affect the best approach to meta tags; therefore, it will be important to keep an eye on all the different versions as they continue to evolve.

The new Bing design also contains a page zero, which the search engine creates automatically from a search query as it is typed, bringing up a set of popular search options that are easily clickable to save time. Where available, a short snippet of information about the subject also appears. This is intended to speed up user access to information and also provides a useful list of keyphrase targets for search engine optimization marketers to aim for.

Bing search results pages have also been adjusted so that social data – the material that tells users what their friends have been looking at – now appears underneath the main results instead of at the side. This is part of what has enabled the improved mobile device versions and it means that there is one area where no adjustment is necessary. It also means that social data distracts less from information that marketers can more easily influence.

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