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Click Curves Reveal Mobile Marketing Secrets

The first ever click curve report for mobile devices was released this week, and its results should make search engine optimization marketers sit up and take notice. Although it has long been known that being on page one in a search engine’s rankings makes a big difference, this report suggests that as far as mobile users are concerned, if a business is not represented among the first few results then it might as well not exist.

The results of the study reveal a very simple metric: the smaller the screen on the device being used, the steeper the curve. On a traditional computer 5% of users – not necessarily a small numbers of people – are still looking halfway down the front page. On a tablet, only half this number bother to look, and on a smartphone the number is even lower.

The logical conclusion is that the increased hassle involved in scrolling on a small screen means that most users simply click on one of the first things they see. It may also be the case that people are less likely to do in-depth research using a mobile device and that people with tight data limits on their mobile contracts want to keep page loads to a minimum.

What Does this Mean for Advertisers?

First of all, it means that it is more useful to rank highly on a less commonly used search term than to come in at number 11 – or even number 6 – on the list for a more frequently used term. This means that businesses whose SEO is unable to get them to the top on the most popular terms are probably better off focusing on less common ones as they develop their websites and social media profiles. This is especially important for businesses with a strong focus on local search, where being visible to mobile users is important for attracting customers who might be impulse shopping nearby.

The new search engine for mobile designs currently being released by Bing may yet trigger a shift in this search pattern and it is likely that this will shift further as other search engines follow suit. The increasing number of contracts offering unlimited data or setting very high data limits could also mitigate the trend. Nevertheless, in the meantime it is clear that online marketers really do have to aim for the top.

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