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Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning With Purpose?

In the article “Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose?” the author explores the ways in which Pinterest may be useful to a business owner. The piece focuses on three uses of this social medium.

First, Pinterest boards that link back to product catalogs can increase Web traffic.

Second, Pinterest boards can be used to create a sense of intimacy with a business through use of archival materials; this increases brand loyalty.

Finally, Pinterest boards can be used to evangelize individual brand loyalists.

Cataloged Products

Creating a Pinterest board for cataloged products is an excellent way to drive traffic to the product catalog on your website. A Pinterest board can also be used as an analytic tool that will help marketers determine Web referral traffic.

Build Brand Awareness

Prospective customers are often interested in the inside story of a company. By sharing content about the company's history and employees on a Pinterest board, you are building brand awareness.

You'll be able to track this by the specific number of followers your Pinterest board generates as well as by the number of repins and likes, and Pinterest Analytics score value.

Evangelize Brand Loyalists

A brand loyalist is someone who's so enchanted by your company and its product or service line that he or she spreads the word about it. Word of mouth is still the most effective form of marketing.

If you notice that a single user is sharing your Pinterest content in other contexts, it's a good sign that he or she is a brand loyalist.

Businesses are encouraged to use Pinterest as a way both to further dialogue about the products and services that business offers, and the business itself.

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