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Predictions for 2013: How Will Social Media Affect Us This Year?

When a new year rolls over, it’s not only resolutions that have everyone talking. It’s also a time to make predictions as to what we will see in the upcoming year. This interesting blog post gains insight from 21 experts to tell us what to expect in the way of social media in the coming year.

There are the normal predictions about Facebook and Twitter, but these experts have branched out to include interesting predictions regarding Google +, Pinterest, SlideShare and Instagram. One surprising prediction is the increasing need to build your email list. With so much focus on social media, the email list often gets overlooked, but one expert claims this is where our focus should

Predictions about the need for social media advertising and the importance of content marketing are also explained. One expert states that everyone will need to choose which social media sites they are going to use, saying it won’t be possible to dominate them all. There is only so much time in a day, and those who are using social media for business will have to decide where their loyalties lie.

One interesting point brought up is the upcoming importance of Google +. As Google continues to tweak this platform, it is becoming easier to use and more important than ever. Can Google rank your website based on your participation? It hasn’t happened yet, but experts claim that anything is possible as Google constantly searches for ways to update its algorithms.

It may be a new approach for some, but social media is here to stay. Will Google + blow us all away this year while Facebook recedes into memory? Or will some new site crop up that takes the world by storm? Only time will tell.

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