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Hello. My Name is Brittany and I'm an Instagram Addict

It’s currently the social media platform that I use the most. Whether I’m taking and uploading photos to share or browsing other accounts and looking at their pictures, I’m on Instagram via my smartphone, tablet, and computer. Once I realized how much time I spent on there (more time than on Twitter and Facebook combined) I started to wonder if some of our clients realized the potential for social media engagement and increased website traffic they could generate from creating an Instagram account.

Recently, I shared a couple of reasons why a business should join Instagram with one of our clients and I wanted to share them with you too.

1. Everybody’s Doing It – no really they are. And you should be doing it too. Chances are someone in your industry has set up an account and is posting pictures to their hearts content. But before you jump online, think about the types of photos you want to post. Is your business food or retail-based? Instagram was made for businesses like you because who doesn’t want to see a mouthwatering hamburger freshly grilled or a new pair of shoes you just got in stock. But if you’re a different kind of brick and mortar i.e. a Dentist’s office, it’s going to take a bit more creativity on your part to come up with fun and interesting pictures that will get people to like, comment, share and visit your website.

2. Brand Visibility Increases Engagement & New Customers – there are businesses I never would have heard of if it was not for their Instagram accounts. But I would see pictures of their products on the profiles of other people I follow and then click on their username to get to their Instagram profile where they usually had a contact email or link to their website. From there, my inner-shopaholic kicks in and these businesses have themselves a new customer that is proudly wearing or talking about their brand and spreading that message on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Check out the video below for some more helpful hints on how you can use Instagram for your business:

So, are you an Instagram addict like me? Click here to find out then let us know in the comments below. And remember: confession is good for the soul!

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