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Use Facebook Advertising to Maximize Social Signals

Social signals are important in today's search engine world and Facebook advertising is a great way to maximize your social signals within Facebook. It also opens up a new market to advertise your website with an audience that is very engaged in social activity.

Facebook advertising allows you to advertise your Facebook page, Facebook posts or events, and even to advertise and link to your own website.

Facebook also allows you to target your audience according to demographic elements as opposed to simply going after keywords. Because of that, you can target an audience according to their likes and interests instead of what they are searching on.

In addition, you can leverage people’s "friends" network by having an ad appear when a "friend" of theirs likes your Facebook page. That’s called a “Sponsored Story”. It's like receiving a direct referral from your friends instead of an advertisement from a company. People trust their friends much more than they trust company advertising, so they are more likely to check out something that one of their "friends" on Facebook liked.

You can also promote a particular story or event that is posted on your Facebook page through Facebook advertising. Again, it allows you to open up your story or event to a new audience that is interested in what you have to say or the event you are putting on.

By promoting a particular story or event, you can encourage more interaction with the story by inspiring people to comment on the story or event. Once people start commenting, it helps promote that story or event within their own timelines, causing the story or event to be seen by even more people. The more commenting you can encourage on your Facebook page, the more “social signals” you will send out to the search engines and the more people within Facebook will see your posts.

Besides just going for the Facebook "likes" though, you can also create ads that send people directly to your website, just like you would do in search engine PPC ads. But currently the ads in Facebook are much less expensive than PPC ads in the search engines, so you can get more for your money through Facebook ads than through the search engines.

Of course, you still need to check conversion rates through analytics to see if people coming from the Facebook ads are converting on your website (doing what you want them to do on the website – your ultimate goal). Check out Facebook advertising for yourself and see how well it can help boost your website, Facebook page likes and interactions, and bottom-line goals.

To find out more information on how to set up Facebook ads, check out the following post here:

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