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How to Set Up a HubSpot Workflow to Copy Company Name to Contact Record

How to Set Up a HubSpot Workflow to Copy Company Name to Contact Record

HubSpot Training Video Overview

  • The problem of updating the contact company name property: This training explains that HubSpot does not automatically fill out the company name on a contact property field when an associated company is added and that a workflow is needed to do that.
  • The trigger criteria for the workflow: The training outlines the criteria for enrolling and re-enrolling contacts in the workflow, including scenarios where the company name on the contact record is either unknown or updated, and where a known company name exists on the associated company record.
  • The use of association labels and filters: The training shows how to use association labels and filters to specify the primary company of the contact, and to exclude contacts that have only a domain name or no company name on the associated company record.
  • The action of copying the company property value: The training demonstrates how to copy the company name from the company property to the contact property field, using the CRM option in the workflow.


How to Copy a Company Name to a Contact Record

In this installment of How to HubSpot, we focus on the crucial task of syncing company names with contact records.

Many clients are surprised to learn that HubSpot does not automatically update the company name on contact records when associated with a company record. This oversight can lead to confusion and hinder efficient client information management. To address this, we have created a workflow that automates this process with precision and reliability.

The workflow starts by scanning the contact list for instances where a company is associated with a contact but the company name is not reflected in the contact's record. This simple check yields significant results, with the workflow then copying the company name to the contact record, ensuring accurate client relationship data in your database.

As businesses evolve, contacts may change companies. Our workflow is adaptable, with criteria in place to trigger an update to the contact's company name when a change in their associated company occurs. This proactive approach ensures that your records are not just up-to-date but accurate to the minute.

We recognize the importance of details, which is why our tutorial introduces advanced customization options like association labels. These labels provide unparalleled control, allowing you to specify which company relationship should influence the contact's company name field. This feature is essential for managing contacts with multiple roles across different organizations.

As we walk you through the workflow setup, we simplify the logic into digestible segments like 'if', 'then', 'and', and 'or'. This logical framework forms the basis of the workflow, enabling a tailored approach to accommodate various scenarios. For example, if a contact's primary company name changes, the workflow can capture this update within a specified timeframe, ensuring that your records are both current and comprehensive.

By automating a traditionally manual task prone to human error, this workflow enhances the HubSpot CRM experience, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives with confidence in the accuracy and organization of your contact data.

With a few simple steps, you can effortlessly synchronize contact information with associated company data, making this workflow an indispensable tool for effective contact management.

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