A New Design Connects Missionaries with the World

Nancy Lambert

Global Teams is a nonprofit Missions organization that has grown steadily in size, scope and effectiveness since its establishment in 1983. Like most nonprofit organizations, Global Teams relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to help carry out their mission and are naturally limited in their resources or ability to establish a strong presence on the web.

In May of 2009 we were thrilled to work alongside the dedicated people of Global Teams to launch a distinctively redesigned website at www.global-teams.net, providing them an invaluable resource for their organization on an international scale.

Original Image before redesignNew images after redesign

Based on Global Teams’ unique purposes and goals, their website was developed with a creative navigational style. In addition to the traditional left to right navigation in the header, an additional short navigation down the left was established highlighting key areas of information within the site. The homepage header is a flash file transitioning between images and text that support and reflect Global Teams’ missions and objectives.

Global Teams Header

An important objective for both Global Teams and our team was to make their site cost effective by developing website pages that are easy to add, edit and manage in the administrative area of the site. Global Teams is able to add and delete urgent prayer needs, missionary information and even conceal areas of their site when missionaries are in potentially dangerous areas worldwide.

We’re excited to watch Global Teams grow and their effectiveness increase! Watch along with us.

Nancy Lambert

Written by Nancy Lambert

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