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We’re In An Era of Disconnection – Here’s How to Reconnect

We’re In An Era of Disconnection – Here’s How to Reconnect

Growing your business has never been easy, but it can feel nearly impossible today. Your buyers’ behavior has fundamentally shifted, compounded even more by the pandemic.

It’s become more challenging for you to connect with your prospects and customers. Connecting your technology, systems, and data more effectively for your Revenue Operations (RevOps) Team (Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service) is trickier.

Era of Disconnection

Companies and organizations suffer from a disconnection crisis driven by disconnected data and systems, along with disconnected customers, teams, and people.

We need a new way to grow, focusing on customer connection, not customer management. And we need to stop managing tech silos and team silos.

Instead, we need to link them together, so our customers and teams are connected, and our tech stacks are connected to give us a single source of truth.

Convergence of Ecosystems

Coinciding with this era of disconnection is the convergence of ecosystems. Scott Brinker of chiefmartec refers to it as the “2nd Age of Martech.”

It used to be “Do X or Y.” Today it’s “Do X and Y.” It’s a more blended approach to our people, teams, processes, systems, and technology.

We’re In An Era of Disconnection – Here’s How to Reconnect

In the past, we thought we had to choose X or Y. However, this forced us to make trade-offs, wasting time and money.

We now recognize both are necessary.

Integrated platform ecosystems, software, and services, along with the capability to customize your technology and commercial platform systems. This convergence of ecosystems has changed silos of software and services into a more integrated stack of resources.

Using a blended model of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology and customer success services is critical to your success. It creates an ecosystem where employees can deliver a more connected customer experience.

However, the problem is that many organizations and departments are slow to change. They struggle to make the necessary adjustments to keep pace with the transformation of their industry.

That phenomenon has become even more evident lately. It’s been surprising to see major name-brand companies collapse or nearly collapse since the pandemic began. They were unprepared for the changes it forced within their marketplace.

Other companies already using a more blended approach to business have done quite well.

So How Do You Remove the Disconnection Within Your Company?

To start this process, consider the following:

  • From a technology platform perspective, employ a connected CRM platform for your RevOps Team to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers, enabling your team to work more cohesively.

  • Create an ecosystem for your technology platforms (CRM, Financial, ERP, Operations) through an open API to keep your data updated and synchronized across critical platforms, eliminating manual data entry, labor, and mistakes.
  • Equip your team and employees with a better technology learning experience. Tailor a technology platform to your company and people instead of trying to work within a static platform. Provide your people with a customized onboarding and training experience in the technology platform they will use tailored to your business and operations.
  • Drive greater customer value by delivering more of what your customers want. They want data privacy and ownership, flexible buying experiences, and a deeper connection with those they are engaging.
  • Increase your nimbleness as an organization. Change is a constant in today’s marketplace. Becoming more nimble or agile doesn’t always mean spending more money. It means increasing your market awareness, willingness to learn, and ability to adapt.
  • Provide employees with customized services and expertise to augment, support, and enable your internal team to drive a better customer experience. The expertise needed will change over time, so have the flexibility to moderate or change these services as required.

Your CRM is one of the most important platforms (and, for many, the most important) in this ecosystem.

Traditionally, a CRM is considered a tool for your sales department. But, the top CRM today supports and drives your marketing, sales, and customer service teams while integrating effectively with other platforms in your ecosystem.

HubSpot’s CRM is emerging as THE CRM for businesses who want to scale.

HubSpot Is Your Connected Platform

HubSpot CRM platform

HubSpot allows you to delight customers through a connected, customized experience. The shared CRM database is available for your entire RevOps team, from marketing to sales to client onboarding and support.

Your customers will feel known and valued from their initial awareness of your company through their sales engagement process, ultimately becoming your customer. Personalized onboarding from your team helps create new advocates for your business.

HubSpot will make new major announcements to further enhance the power of its integrated CRM system at Inbound 2022, beginning September 7, 2022. The latest enhancements will enable your business to grow more effectively through greater interconnectivity.

Stay tuned to hear more about these new enhancements.

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