Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2012 Direct From Google

Nancy Lambert

Many of you know who Matt Cutts is, but for those who don’t, Matt Cutts is the original “Google Guy” who used to blog anonymously for Google, giving out tips and tricks from Google’s point of view.

He is no longer anonymous but he still speaks for Google in various articles ,video posts and conferences. It’s always good to hear what he has to say and to get his perspective on the latest SEO issues with Google.

Of course, you’re not going to learn the deep dark secrets of Google and its algorithm, but it’s always good to hear straight from Google’s spokesperson what they believe.

In this video Matt Cutts speaks to a vendor at a search engine conference and talks about the top three (3) search engine optimization tips for 2012. It was interesting to hear him speak because he confirms what we’ve been telling our clients for quite a while now.

Basically, the top three (3) SEO tips for 2012 (along with my added commentary to explain even more what he means) are (drum roll please):

  1. Be sure to provide your visitors with a great user experience on your website. Make it interesting, engaging and even fun if that is appropriate for your site. Engage the visitor as much as you can.
  2. Ensure that you have fresh and comprehensive content on your site that helps answer all the questions your visitors may have about your products or services. People come to your website to learn more about you or your products and services. Don’t leave them disappointed.
  3. Include a blog on your website. Wow, how many times have we told our clients that they need a blog. Basically every time. Matt Cutts simply confirms in this video how important it is for every business to have a blog. It’s your place to talk about everything that impacts your clients, your products, your services, your industry, and anything else that would interest your visitors, clients and potential clients.

Watch the 2:51 video yourself and hear what the “Google Guy” has to say about this topic:

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