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3 Ways to Boost Your Blog in the Search Engines

Blogging is not just for wannabe journalists or angst-ridden teens. It’s one of the most surefire ways to boost your website in the search engines, build tons of incoming links into your website, and spread the word about your company all over the Internet. If you currently have a blog, here a few tips to bump up your web presence online:

1. Use Meta Tags

Meta tags are a must for any website but blogs especially. In addition to having meta tags on the blog’s home page, you want to make sure each blog post is individually optimized as well. There are various ways to do this depending on the type of blogging platform you use. Some blogs require special plug-ins to help you insert meta tags in a user-friendly way while others have fields clearly labeled for meta tag data. However you choose to do it, no blog post should be published without meta tags.

2. Link to Other Blog Posts & Web Pages

Blogging is one of the best vehicles to give and receive link juice. When you write a blog post , make sure you link a few keywords in it. These links can lead to another blog post on your blog, an internal page on your website, or to another website altogether. Just make sure your keyword is clear so your reader knows where that link is taking them. This is a great way to build an internal network of links and you never know - someone else out there blogging could link back to your blog post or web page from their own blog.

3. Social Bookmark All Your Blog Posts

Once your blog post is published, let thousands of your closest friends know about it through social bookmarking. You’re probably already familiar with bookmarking your favorite URLs in your web browser but social bookmarking is a little different – it’s where you bookmark your URL of choice on the Website of an online community such as Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. Not only is social bookmarking a quick and convenient way to share content, but if the social bookmarking website is “do-follow”, meaning it allows the search engines to follow your links back to their point of origin, it’s a great way to build incoming links and more traffic to your blog and website.

The three tips above are some of the most effective at helping your blog and website gain momentum in the search engines. But if you would like additional help, consulting and training on the best blogging practices, contact Xcellimark now for more information.

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