Get Blog Articles Written Around Your Unique Content Marketing Needs

Xcellimark’s article writing service helps you easily generate unique content written to your brand and content marketing specifications. Simply choose the type of article you would like to have written and the quality level (4 stars for excellent, 5 stars for professional) of the author writing the content.

Whether you need to place a single order or multiple orders, our vast pool of knowledgeable authors is at your fingertips and ready to assist you in your content marketing efforts.


Generate Well-Rounded Content for Your Blog by Ordering Various Types of Articles


125 – 200 word count, includes Meta Title and Meta Description

An abstract is a summary or statement about an article and they are a great way for you to introduce an article written by someone else that you find interesting and relevant to your target audience. When you find an article online that you think would work great as an abstract, send us the link with your order and we will give a brief statement of the main points and link out to the original article from your blog.


400 – 500 word count, includes Meta Title and Meta Description

A commentary is another creative way to share good content with your readers. When you find an interesting article online, include the link to it with your order and we will write a commentary to reflect your opinion on the main idea of the original article along with a description of the major points covered.


400 – 500 word count, includes Meta Title and Meta Description

When you discover more than one interesting article online and want to discuss all of them in one blog article, a summary works best. By providing us the link to each of the articles you want summarized, we will write a description about each one to offer your readers a condensed version of various compelling articles they are likely to be interested in reading.

Full Length

550 – 600 word count includes Meta Title and Meta Description

Provide us with your topic and keywords and we will write a full-length article about your business or anything related to it that will be interesting to your target audience such as “How Tos,” interviews, opinion pieces, research articles, and more. These articles tend to be longer in length to allow us to cover your topic thoroughly and provide your readers with valuable information on a chosen topic.