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Hire Internal Staff or Employ the Expertise of a Digital Agency?

According to a 2010 study by Forbes Insight & Gartner, The Future Looks Bright, “Digital channels play an increasing role in customer engagement, offering new ways to connect companies and customers while improving marketing efficiency, yet our survey showed that the importance of digital is not equally grasped by everyone, and even for those who understand its significance, they don’t feel effective at leveraging it.”

A study by Forbes Accenture Marketing, Onward and Up (2010), concluded that “Only 2 in 10 marketers said their companies very effectively use most channels to reach, influence or interact with customers.” So, how best can companies respond to this need without hiring Internet marketing experts that could easily double their payroll expenditures?

Popular Marketing Tactics for 2011

According to eMarketer, the fastest growing segments in digital marketing are e-mail marketing, social media, and search marketing (SEO/PCC), but the greatest challenge with implementing these tactics is a lack of time and resources.

To overcome this challenge, 40% of marketers are adding or expanding digital marketing agency support (according to the CMO Council’s 2010 Outlook).

And According to Forrester’s Research Inc.’s US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2009 to 2014, only 10% of marketers are able to manage their Internet marketing efforts in-house with the same level of sophistication and effectiveness as those out-sourcing the expertise and tools of a specialist and/or full-service interactive agency. Social Media Mistakes

Digital Agencies are the Way to Go

It’s not surprising that agencies are the popular choice. It is much easier than paying top-dollar to hire an expert in each Internet marketing field (SEO, PPC, social media, copywriting, coding, design, etc.).

Agencies instantly bring their expertise, sophisticated tools and platforms to the table. Agencies can be judged by performance and much more easily replaced by another agency if they don’t bring in results.

If you want to see how easy it is to work with an Interactive Agency that will solve all of your digital marketing needs, contact us today. Xcellimark will provide the resources, content, and talent to build your brand online and generate leads for you business.

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