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Calling Online Users to Action through Content

Search engines are one of the main ways people gather information, find links and get answers to their questions. Because of this, companies and websites go to great lengths in order to be ranked highly in the search engines. Keyword lists and keyword stuffing were once the most popular way to increase a page's SEO.

Content is the Driving Factor

But this article tells of a move away from keyword stuffing towards something that is driven by content. Writers and marketers should still use keywords and phrases, but they should tailor them to be interesting to a particular demographic. For example, anyone trying to sell dresses online should include customized phrases such as “dresses for prom”, “bridesmaids dress” and “figure flattering clothes.”

The goal of this specific content is not merely to attract readers. It should also be designed to call readers to some kind of action. That could be anything from signing up for a mailing list, following a particular brand on Twitter or watching a video about a certain cause on YouTube.

Another important thing to remember about keywords is that they don't have to be used only as links in a blog post or web page. Every video or picture that you share is content that should be properly optimized with meta tags consisting of a title, description and keywords. Social media profiles should also include brief descriptions containing keywords that relate to your brand and can bring in new readers.

To read the full article and better understand how the world of SEO is changing, click here: Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach.

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