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Creating Content To Earn Incoming Links

One of the key ways that search engines like Google rank webpages is through the number of quality incoming links directed to the site. Kumail Hemani, writing for the Search Engine Journal, lists what he considers to be the best options for generating links. Ultimately, it comes down to the quality of the content and how much readers want to share what they read.

Utilizing Infograhics

Infographics are things such as pictures, charts and graphs that reveal some information without relying exclusively on the written word. Since these pictures can be shared through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest quickly, they often generate a large number of links back to your site.

Bring in Guest Authors

The easiest way to generate more links is to have other people create guest posts for your blog. This will provide you with new content and the writer will share their work over the Internet, which will increase the number of links directed towards your site.

Create Longer Posts

Studies have repeatedly shown that the posts and articles that really go viral are typically quite long. This is because they are often well researched and readers want to share this new or valuable information.

Ask and Answer Questions

If your content is answering questions that are of interest to your readers then they will appreciate the information and will tend to share it with their friends through social media outlets.

Learning how to generate links is one of the keys to high SEO rankings for your website. These tips, along with several others, are fully covered in this post by Hemani.

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