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Content vs. Context: What's More Important?

We've all heard the old saying that content is king. It’s true that high-quality content continues to be important for any online business. However, there are now two concepts of marketing vying for importance. Content is hanging in there, but context is becoming increasingly important.

Content generally refers to written material, such as blog posts, online articles, e-newsletters and the like. Context refers to where the consumers are, what they are doing, what they are thinking about and how receptive they are to marketing. Content has always been important, but marketers are now seeing an increase in the importance of context.

Both content and context can work together, and that’s what this article from brings out. Context is adding things to a website such as a store locator and inventory search functions. Content is adding instructional articles, videos and memorable images to the site.

According to BtoB Magazine, Social media is the most effective content type for improving sales/marketing effectiveness, but online articles and other content generators such as e-newsletters are a close second. However, all Internet marketers must remember that social media ads disguised as quality content won’t cut it. Eighty-five percent of respondents to one survey stated that seeing a video ad disguised as quality content either changed their opinion of the product for the worse or affected no change. These kinds of tactics will not garner new customers.

Content and context go hand-in-hand for the most part. For truly successful online marketing, both concepts must be used correctly. Marketers must continue to provide useful information and tools to their customers to be seen as trustworthy and to increase sales. Spun articles and video ads disguised as true content will only turn customers away. Focus on creating, or purchasing, high-quality, unique content and you will see your traffic increase.

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