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How To Use News Feed Ads On Facebook

Regardless of whether a company is promoting a new product or attempting to focus extra eyes on its online articles, some form of paid advertising is usually required. Many professionals still utilize Facebook for content marketing, as millions of people around the world continue to use it every day. The social network’s news feed ads provide the perfect opportunity to expose advertisements to an entirely new audience; done right, this can be effective for promoting content, websites and products.

There are a couple of options available for Facebook advertising: right-hand column ads or news feed ads. While many people use the right-hand column advertisements, they are less intrusive on feeds and this means users often miss them. A large, central ad, however, can create far more of an impact and, as long as it is targeted correctly, it will not necessarily annoy viewers.

The first stage of using news feed ads is to develop the content elements, including both images and text. At the outset it is hard to know how receptive audiences will be to text and images, therefore it is important to develop a variety of options. A Facebook advertisement needs to include a company’s main offer, the solution, an optional phone number, additional information, and a call to action. The text of both short and long posts should be tested to see which results in the most leads; likewise, a number of images should be developed. These images should be 600 x 315 pixels wide, with a maximum text content of 20%.

Having tested the various options and developed the best advertisement possible, it is time to initiate the Facebook marketing scheme. By following the social network’s clear steps, ads can be targeted towards specific audiences, ensuring that money is not wasted on viewers who are not likely to engage with a product or service. After the initial ad has been produced, it is worth running a number of simultaneous ads. This allows companies to target various audiences with each ad, providing extremely useful data on which consumer groups respond best to social networking marketing.

While some firms may debate whether content marketing via Facebook is worth the effort, starting to create ads and gathering data is the best course of action. News feed ads can be extremely effective when used correctly and can produce significant leads; meanwhile, the additional data gained from some promotions can be well worth the cost in itself.

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