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What Is the Goal of Your Business? Website?

You’d be surprised by how many businesses don’t have an answer for that question. Or maybe they do, but it’s not a good one. For instance, “Impressing people” is not a business goal for having a website.

A friend asked me to check out a new website for her high-end salon. They wanted to show me how cool it was. It had all the bells and whistles: smooth, flashy transitions, custom photography, the latest fonts, and hip music. The design was interactive and clever. To be honest, it was a lot of fun to navigate. I was impressed.

She explained that the website cost over $15K to create. I suddenly thought to myself, “Wow, they must have big plans for the website in terms of growing their customer base and increasing profits.” But when I clicked on the link within the website to make an appointment to get my haircut, the interface was cumbersome and I soon gave up.

To make things worse, I noticed that when I clicked the link to make an appointment online, I was redirected to an entirely different website. I was confused.

Days later, I tried to find the salon’s new website again. But when searching the salon’s name in Google, I noticed that their Google Local listing had the wrong URL and was directing people to an inactive web domain. People could not find this $15K website, and when they did, they could not easily become a customer of the salon. What was the goal of the website?

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