What Does Social Media Mean for my Business' Bottom Line?

Scott Lambert

Xcellimark started 9 years ago as a web design company. Six months later Xcellimark started to market and promote websites in order to ensure that a company’s website investment was bringing in a positive return. That service was coined, “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). During this time, people asked, “What’s a search engine?”

Fast forward 8 years and everybody knows what a search engine is, but there is now a new online medium in town. It’s called “Social Media.” Businesses are asking the same questions they asked 9 years ago about the need for a website and SEO. Today’s question is, “How can social media help my company make more money?”

Watch this video to see how Fortune 500 companies have increased profits with social media. Contact Xcellimark to see how your company can use social media to increase your bottom line.

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