Integrating Your Online Presence

Scott Lambert

Most businesses have a website, a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and several other marketing tools these days, but how well do they fit together? In a surprising number of cases, they are not linked up at all; while a business may enjoy a good reputation, it is difficult to hang onto casual visitors and difficult to convert fans into buyers.

There are some arguments in favor of keeping aspects of social presence separate. Sometimes a different person manages each account, or an effort can be made to give each a different "voice" even if there is just one person in charge. Ultimately, however, they should all be speaking for the company. Any comments that cause controversy are likely to be propagated across different media anyway.

The first and most important thing to ensure about social media accounts is that they all link back to the website. This does not mean that they need to have the same landing page, and good content marketing will account for differences in what attracts them; for example, Instagram marketing campaigns will appeal to a younger audience than Google+ advertising. Links from these landing pages, however, should provide access to the company’s other social media platforms and its blog. Social media links are usually most effective at the top or bottom of a page, and good design work can incorporate them into the general style of the site.

Social media platforms should also link to one another. A Twitter bio has room for a brief description plus a link to a website, Facebook, and an image- or video-based account such as Instagram or YouTube, offering different ways interested users can connect. Facebook can be set up to include a Twitter feed as well as links to other platforms. It can also be worth including this Twitter feed on the website; however, rather than using the standard code, it is better to tinker with it to leave out replies so that everything stays relevant to all readers.

The most important thing for a blog post to link to is older blog posts. This not only retains readers but also attracts search engines to process older content, giving each post longer-lived SEO value. Accompanying links with images help to grab reader attention; this is especially the case if they feature faces, which naturally attract the eye.

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