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SEO Copywriting Post Panda & Penguin - A Journey Into The Future

Many times in previous articles I have alluded to the fact that nothing stays the same when it comes to the Internet and SEO, but never before have there been such incredible changes which have affected so many so quickly. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have turned the world of SEO practices and copywriting upside down.

While we once thought keywords were really the KEY, now we discover in the post-Panda/Penguin era that the role of keywords has been radically reduced in the eyes of Google.

If you’re trying to stay afloat after the cataclysmic effects of Google’s most recent updates, this article, SEO Copywriting – Talk Your Client Through It, is simply a must read for anyone who is trying to stay afloat.

As Google’s algorithm evolves, there are sure to be more changes in the future. But when it comes to content marketing today, the number one goal should be to make sure you are offering the very best content to your visitors and providing a good experience for them when they visit your pages. Read the entire article, for more information on this vital topic.

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