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Have You Identified the Problem That's Keeping Your Business from Growing?

Many people claim to know what is holding their company back. They believe that if they can only do this “one thing” then all of their problems or challenges will be solved. This near-sightedness often causes decision makers to misdiagnose the problem and spend their efforts and resources trying to put a band-aid on the situation, without ever addressing the root of the issue entirely.

That is why it’s important for business owners and marketing directors to fully understand their online marketing goals and challenges before embarking on a new online marketing initiative. But sadly, most decision makers tend to decide on the solution before conducting a thorough discovery process with a trusted expert or consultant.

Superficial Solutions Will Get Your Business No WhereWhat is the Goal of Your Website

I receive phone calls from marketing directors that state, “I need a website” or “If I only had more traffic to my website...” These days, a very popular inquiry is, “I want to increase our Facebook followers.”

But the conclusion is not so superficial. It’s important to understand why you think you need these solutions and to what end you are pursuing these strategies.

Nine times out of 10, it always comes down to the need for generating more revenue and/or profit. And once the need for new customer growth or higher quality leads at a lower cost is identified, we can drill down to understanding the full implications of your current challenges and even uncover previously unrecognized problems and anticipated solutions.

Why Bother?

Why bother getting more website traffic if your website does not clearly articulate your value proposition or effectively compels site visitors to take your desired action (i.e. – request more info, buy your product, etc.). And why bother getting Facebook followers if your followers are not qualified, prospective customers?

Before you spend another dollar of your advertising budget, take the time to look below the surface. A step back may allow you to see the forest among the trees. Only then will you be able to accurately assess the dissatisfaction with your current situation and effectively measure the success or impact of your next online marketing project.

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