5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make in Online Marketing - Part 2

Nancy Lambert

I covered Mistake #1 - The Kevin Costner Approach to Online Marketing in Part 1 of the series. This refers to the “build it and they will come” approach to having a website. Never assume just because you built a website that it will be found by thousands of people in the search engines. Business just doesn’t happen like that.

The bottom line is that you have to market your website just like you have to market any business. But, I won’t repeat the entire article again since you can read about it in the previous blog post. Let's go on to discuss Mistake #2.

Mistake #2 - Failure to Develop a Winning Online Strategy

Many businesses jump into online marketing without fully thinking through their goals and objectives and what they consider to be success. Because of that, they fail to develop an online strategy that will help them reach their goal.

Simply throwing up PPC ads or placing banner ads throughout the Internet will not always provide you with the results you are looking for. You need to first determine the goals you are trying to achieve.

Are your goals to increase leads, increase sales, brand your company, create buzz about your company, bring more people to your website, a combination of a few of these, or none of the above?

Once you determine your exact goals, you need to strategize on the best Internet marketing program that will help you achieve those goals. Not all online marketing programs are the same and each can help you accomplish different goals.

Decide on your goals, then your strategy, and then start launching your online program.

We'll talk about Mistake #3 and #4 next week so make sure you bookmark the URL to our blog and come back to learn other insightful ways to grow your business.

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