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5 Lessons Cats Teach Us about Creating Blissfully Mindless Content

Cats in Viral MarketingWhen creating content, it is easy to get focused on educational content that teaches the readers something important.

However, as writer Marie Rotter points out in her article on the blog Boost Blog Traffic, many Internet users simply want to enjoy some mindless content. That’s what creates the appeal for cat videos.

Here are some lessons that cat videos can teach us about generating a good balance of content for our blogs – content that people will actually enjoy reading.

Make It Universally Appealing

To appeal to a wider audience, don't limit yourself. Choose content that most people will appreciate, and try not to alienate any readers.

Standing Cat is universally appealing and has gotten thousands of views.

Focus on the Readers, Not the Writer

A common mistake for content marketers is to write about themselves. While it can be great to relate to readers, focus on what is interesting to them. Write content that they can appreciate, not something that you can be pleased with.

View the video above to appreciate this cute kitten.

Silliness is Encouraged

When you create content, don't feel like everything has to be structured, educational or informational. Sometimes, the most viral pieces will be the ones that are just for fun and completely silly.

What could be sillier than a keyboard playing cat?

Cat videos are among the most viral pieces of content on the web. Although you don't actually have to recreate this approach entirely and start filming your cats, creating lighthearted content can be a step in the right direction.

If you want to read all the tips from the author, read the full article here.

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