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Another Blog About How to Write a Blog

As I was researching today to get ideas for this blog post, I came across tons of information – naturally – since blogging and social media are all the rage these days. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of articles to tell us how to write a blog, how not to write a blog, etc.

So I was reading a very lengthy article from an “expert” about the dos and don’ts of blogging. The article was interesting enough to catch my attention, but it was so long that I found myself skimming through the information after a while. Blogging

The Grammar Matters

As I scrolled further down the page, I spotted a grammatical error – yes, I am an admitted grammar snob, and even I could get past one or two small errors – maybe! But then there was another and another. They seemed to become more objectionable as I reluctantly continued toward the end of the article.

So what did I do? I immediately stopped reading/skimming and began to write my own post for today – I had my topic: if you want to be considered a credible source of information, you need to be a good writer and/or have a good proofreader! It’s that simple.

The Writer Matters

I don’t think anyone or any company should consider a blog as a good means of building a community, branding their company or any of the other important reasons to blog unless they have the resources to produce a quality blog. If someone is going to write a blog about how to blog, the first order of business should be to make certain that blog is at least grammatically and syntactically correct.

So, my bottom line is quite simple. Before considering starting a blog, think about who is going to write for you. If you have the means to produce a consistently updated blog about ideas that are of interest to your target audience, there are many wonderful benefits. But if you don’t have someone who can do a good job of representing you or your organization in a positive light, maybe you should reconsider – or find yourself a good writer!

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