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Five Ways to Make Sure Your Blog is Effective

If you are just beginning to realize that your website is screaming for a blog to help your site rank higher with Google, it’s time to get to it and get that blog[...]

SEO Blog Writing Strategies That Pack a Heavy Punch (Part 1)

Every writer has a particular writing style and method for writing whatever he or she writes – whether it is a blog article or a work of fiction. However there are a[...]

5 Elements That Make Your Readers Want to Return to Your Blog

Two basic goals of any blogger should include writing content that he or she would be happy for anyone on the planet to read and writing content that other people[...]

Keywords, Blogs and Scanability: How Fast Can You Read?

It’s a universal problem in today’s multi-tasking, 3-steps at a time many emails in our inboxes; so many informational articles and worthwhile blogs to[...]

Proofreading's Not Just for Academic Papers

I will be the first to admit that this is true, “Once an English teacher, always an English teacher,” regardless of how far from the classroom your career may take[...]

Do You Have the Time and Resources To Maintain a Blog?

There is no doubt that for many companies, creating a blog is the right thing to do because of the numerous benefits a blog can have on a company’s online presence.[...]

Blogging Your Way to a Positive Brand Image

Every small business owner understands that success lies in advertising. It does not matter how fantastic a small business is - if they cannot get enough people[...]

What Do Your Visitors Want From Your Blog?

People who read blogs are looking for useful information of one type or another, and blogs are a great way to share all types of information with your audience. But[...]

3 Ways to Write Appealing Blog Headlines

Writing blog articles frequently can pose several challenges for the writer. Writers sometimes find it challenging to keep coming up with topics of interest; the[...]
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