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5 Elements That Make Your Readers Want to Return to Your Blog

Two basic goals of any blogger should include writing content that he or she would be happy for anyone on the planet to read and writing content that other people will find useful and interesting.

When people search the Internet, regardless of their topic of interest, they are also looking for several key elements along with the information they are seeking. Some of these include the following:

  1. Credibility – readers want to feel that we are trustworthy writers and that what we write is true. Who likes the feeling of being duped or that someone is hiding their intent? Successful bloggers will always try their best to be honest and transparent so readers will know they can count on the quality of the information we offer them.
  2. Consistency – your readers want to know they can count on you to post articles on a consistent basis. Have you ever returned to a blog you found interesting and discovered that the author has not posted an article in several months? Nothing is a bigger turn off than a lazy blogger.
  3. Response – if you post a comment or a question on a blog, and the author does not respond to you, will you be as likely to return or will you go to the blog whose author seemed excited about your visit and made you feel that your comment really mattered? Be glad that you have readers who want to interact with you and be sure to respond back to their comments.
  4. Generosity – most people who read blogs want to see that you are willing to share helpful information and not write all about yourself and what you have to offer. For the first time ever, all of us have a “voice” at the tips of our fingers. We can express our opinions for the world to see and we can easily interact with those who share like interests with us on various blogs and websites. It is important not to be totally self-centered if we want to create an interesting, interactive blog.
  5. Quality – not only should we want to make certain the information we impart to our readers is correct, we also need to make sure that the quality of what we write measures up to high standards. I fear that if we fall down in this area, none of the other elements will matter at all.

Without all five of these elements working together, something will surely be amiss in any blog article. The reason the five work together so well is that together they prove us to be responsible bloggers who care about our readers, regardless of the topic on which we write.

If people who visit our blogs have a good experience and leave with the idea that our blog is an honest, trustworthy extension of the total website on which our blog resides, they just might recommend us to someone else and possibly come back to visit us again – if we’re lucky!

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