The Importance of Images & Video on an eCommerce Website

Recently, I was shopping online for a dress and having a really hard time trying to choose the right one. I found a few I liked but they did not show how the dress looked from the back.

It’s already hard enough trying to buy a product online without seeing it or trying it on first but I feel the least an e-commerce website could do is give me a few more viewing options including zooming in and out so I could have a more realistic view of what the product looks like.

I Almost Gave Up on Online Shopping (Shocking, I Know)

I kind of have an office reputation of being a “Shopaholic.” And I’m known for always being on the hunt for the latest bargain so it’s unusual for me to give up so quickly when I’m looking for the perfect outfit.

But the experience in question left me so frustrated that I abandoned the website and almost gave up completely. Then I decided to do a few more searches for an eCommerce website when I found I was expecting them to be like the rest but they weren’t.

To my surprise, they not only showed me the outfit I was considering in various images from a few angles with the option of zooming in and out, but they also had a feature called “View Runway” which is a video of a model actually wearing the outfit and strutting up and down a runway just like a real live fashion show!

Now I can see how the dress fits the model’s figure, how it moves, how the fabric flows and how I might look in it. Image is everything and having a visual sample with action helped me to connect with the product and see myself in the dress. I was sold and immediately bought it.

Practical Ways You Can Use Pictures and Video to Sell Your Products Online

If your business sells products online, you probably have images to accompany the product description. That’s a good start but you can make it better. So how can you go above and beyond the standard image that people have come to expect on every ecommerce website? Like, you can include more than one image that shows the product from different angles and add in programming that lets potential customers zoom in on the image to see more details or spin it around to get a 360 degree view.

Videos are another great way to showcase your product. Potential buyers need to see your product in motion or see it in real time. Items such as clothing, gadgets, toys and more were made to move and be displayed with action so they should be showcased in a way that will help the buyer connect with the product so they will want to buy it for themselves.

But Wait! There’s More!

Visually, videos are great but they can pack an extra punch if you upload them online to YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website and major search engine. So if your videos are optimized for the web, they can come up in Google search results for people who are specifically looking for your products and services online.

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Brittany Shelley

Written by Brittany Shelley

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