The Importance of Images in Email Marketing

I get newsletters and coupons emailed to me all the time. I even created a special email account to keep them separate from my personal email account so my main email account does not get flooded. But, I may have to take one of them off my spam list and let them through to my inbox and that’s Coach.

They always send me a coupon for an additional discount at the outlets. That’s great and all but in my mind, I’m wondering what they have in stock and if it’s worth me making the 30 minute (sometimes one hour depending on I-4) trip to the store. But something triggered me to take a second look, print the coupon and consider going to the store.

Images Used in Email MarketingWhat Was the Trigger for Me?

The image in the email caught my eye – but it wasn’t just any image of a random product available at the store. It was the specific item that was on sale and it listed the price and the amount of the discount so I did not have to guess how much I’d be paying.

What Coach is doing coincides with a key principle from Marketing Experiments: an image is only as valuable as the value it communicates .

What’s in Your Email?

What kinds of images are you using in your email marketing? Are they random stock photos with no relevance to the subject matter. Or do they communicate value and meaning?

The point of this post is not to do away with stock photos – let’s face it, we need them to help us design websites, landing pages and email campaigns; and some of them can visually get your point across. Just make sure you choose images wisely and not randomly.

Choosing the right image is only one part of a successful email marketing campaign. To find out what else you need to strengthen your existing client relationships through email marketing, contact Xcellimark.

Brittany Shelley

Written by Brittany Shelley

Topics: Inbound Marketing