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Kick Your Inbound Marketing Into Overdrive With These Helpful Articles

Long Form Content MarketingOver the years, we’ve written a lot of blog articles. And although we’ve designed our content to be helpful, we realize it can take some time searching through the archives to find the blog posts that give you that “A-ha!” moment. So we’ve taken the guess work out of figuring out where to start on our blog and hand-picked a couple of articles that we feel will inspire you to inbound marketing success. Check them out below!

Developing a Killer Value Proposition for Your Business

Every business wants to know the magic recipe that will convince customers to do business with them instead of their competition.

In order to develop a killer Value Proposition you need to tie it back to the needs and goals of your ideal buyer. That means that you need to identify your highest-value prospects and group them into “buyer personas”, zeroing in on each group’s specific objective and pain points, and presenting a tailored solution to each group’s needs.

Reading the full article lists each of these points in more detail, plus it shows you how to put it all together.

Create a First-Rate Content Marketing Strategy

After you read that article, make sure you learn about another important component of your digital marketing plan which is how to Create a First-Rate Content Marketing Strategy

Most business owners don’t fully realize that their sales people don’t control the sales or education process of their ideal customers. Instead, it’s content that drives people to make their buying decisions. But any old content won’t do.

Content mapped to your personas in each stage of their buying cycle is what you need . This article also gives you some examples of effective types of content for online marketing campaigns and how you can establish your campaign and track its performance.

Once you’ve read both articles, bring it all together by downloading the free Digital Marketing Plan. This plan shows you practical tactics you can take and start applying now in your existing marketing program.

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