Why Buyer Personas Matter

Scott Lambert

why buyer personas matterAs a professional, you understand that marketing is key to the success of your business but Inbound Marketing differs from traditional marketing. In today’s article we explore the most crucial elements needed to achieve stellar results for your company. One of the most important components, if not the most important, of a successful inbound marketing strategy is identifying your Buyer Persona.

All businesses already have a persona but they may not know it yet. Many who have previously used traditional marketing strategies have what they deem a “target market” but they have not really narrowed that market down to truly identify exactly who they are trying to reach.

This is where identifying a buyer persona comes in.

So What is a Buyer Persona?

Well a buyer persona is NOT broad, ambiguous or impersonal. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer. Actually, it’s a semi-fictional representation of not just any ideal customer but more specifically, your ideal customer. It’s based on data collected by your team such as customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations and goals.

Your buyer persona actually has a personality. He or she has a name, specific common behavior patterns, shared pain points (both professional and personal), goals, wishes and dreams and they have both demographic and biographic information you need to know to successfully market your product or service.

Why Do You Need a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona helps you with every stage of the inbound methodology outlined below:

Attract: Buyer personas are the visitors you’re trying to attract to your business website and they’re who your content and inbound marketing strategy should appeal to.

Convert: Personas are the visitors you’re trying to convert into leads. The most effective conversion tools are customized to your personas’ needs and interests.

Close: Since your personas represent your ideal customer, they’re who your emails and other lead nurturing content should close into customers.

Delight: Your personas are the customers, clients or others you are trying to delight into promoters. Tailor your customer service experience to your personas’ preferred method of communication and create content specifically for them.

Your buyer persona, and it’s important to note that in some cases you might even have more than one buyer persona, will give you the information you need to identify where you should be spending your time on marketing.

If you know what your specific buyer personas are trying to achieve or solve, you can create useful and remarkable content and/or offers to help them overcome their main obstacles and reach their goals. If you know who you are speaking to, you will know how to talk to them.

In short, everything you do must be tied back to who your buyer personas are. After all, they are the key to the success of your business.

In our next article we will discuss The Buyers’ Journey in 3 Steps so you can understand how to deliver the message they are looking for and can then tailor that message to their specific needs.

In the meantime, make sure to download the free Digital Marketing Plan that gives you practical advice on how a Buyer Persona fits into your overall Inbound Marketing strategy.

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Scott Lambert

Written by Scott Lambert

For 35 years, Scott has been at the forefront of digital transformation and how it is effectively applied in businesses and organizations to market, sell, and support customers and members more successfully and cost effectively. Scott is President and Co-Founder of Xcellimark, an award-winning digital marketing agency serving clients throughout the U.S., Canada, Central America, and Germany. Xcellimark helps businesses succeed through the implementation of its unique digital marketing and sales approach specifically designed to meet their specific goals and objectives. Scott’s marketing, sales, and operations experience have included key management positions at industry leaders including AT&T, iXL (now SapientRazorfish), eSchool Solutions (now TalentED), and BellSouth, where he led the product development, marketing efforts, and market launch of BellSouth.net, the second public ISP developed in the U.S. Scott is the author of articles highlighted on leading online publishers such as LinkedIn, Business 2 Community, and he was recently featured by LinkedIn in the Entrepreneur magazine article on “No Time for Marketing? Hire a Freelancer.” His engaging personality and wealth of real-world and business experience make Scott a frequently requested speaker. Some of his engagements include being the featured speaker in a series of Orlando Business Journal seminars on Digital Marketing, speaking at the WSI London conference, and at international conferences in Belize. Scott has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Mississippi and a Master’s of Science in the Management of Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Scott has been active in global mission efforts and is a board member of Global Teams, a Christian outreach organization. He lives in Winter Springs, FL with his wife Nancy and dog Sadie.

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