Keeping the Search Engines Happy with Keywords in Your Titles

Nancy Lambert

One of the most significant things you can do as a blogger is to give high priority to the importance of blog post titles. Good keyword-rich titles help rankings with search engine results and deserve a good deal of thought – every time!

Remember to Include Keywords in Blog TitlesAll writers have their own strategies, and what works best for some may not work for another person. When I begin writing, I have a topic in mind, but I don’t actually give my blog post a title until I’ve finished writing it. I may start with one title and change it quite a few times before deciding on the final one.

Selecting Keywords and Keyword Search Tools

So how does one go about choosing keywords? Well, obviously, it depends on what you’re writing about.

If I were planning to remodel my kitchen and wanted to purchase new kitchen cabinets, how would I search for ideas on the Internet – kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet, kitchen remodeling, cabinets, etc. All the different ways one can search for a particular topic or item are basically keywords.

When you think of keywords, you should think of what word someone would use to search for the particular item or topic.

But that’s not the only way. There are many helpful tools out there – some of them for free – that are incredibly helpful in choosing the very best keywords. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool and Google AdWords are two popular tools.

Keyword Placement is Important in Titles

While you may be tempted to choose cute, catchy titles for your blog posts, don’t do it! Of course, you want your titles to catch the attention of your audience since you do actually want someone to read your posts, but there is a difference in catching attention and being catchy!

If I see a title that catches my attention and then the article is about something totally different, I am immediately irritated. So I don’t want to do that to anyone else. Make sure the main title contains keywords and it tells the readers what they are really going to read about.

In Meta Titles the most prominent keyword should be placed at the beginning or as close to the beginning as possible. The Meta Title doesn’t have to be the same as the title that appears at the top of the blog post – it can actually be longer, but it is imperative that keywords are placed early in the title to make them more likely to be found by search engines. And after all, you want to make the Search Engines happy!

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