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The Tortoise and the Hare: Lessons in Life and in Business - Part Two

In my recent blog post, I talked about staying power and what it takes to win the Internet Marketing race. Today I'll give you some hints and tips about Google and PPC ads.

Does Google Always Get It Right?

Unfortunately no. Sometimes Google misses the doorway pages and they remain ranked. More often though Google can sometimes wound (ok, penalize, but it feels like you’ve been shot!) a real website not made up of doorway pages because of something on the page or site that reminds them of a doorway page. That’s another reason you need to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and what to do if Google mistakenly injures your site with their search and destroy bot.

The automated PPC engines sound perfect too – let computers determine what works best.

But What Happens When the Search Engine Algorithm Changes?

Oops. Tough to turn the Titanic when it’s already moving in a particular direction. And, hard to rewrite the code so it keeps up with Google. Besides that, are you really getting the most for your money? Sometimes people will save a dollar just to lose a hundred on lost opportunities, ads that don’t work, web pages that don’t convert, etc.

Pay Per Click costs you every time someone clicks on your ad. You need to be sure all your clicks count or you are simply throwing away money. It’s hard to know or measure what you might be losing though.

So How Can I Help Explain This?

I might be able to equate it to something else. Think about losing weight or exercising. (I know, what does PPC have to do with weight loss or exercise? Nothing, but the analogy I think works.) Do you think you can lose more weight or inches by actually doing a real workout (it requires work on your part and the willingness to get sweaty), or by placing a vibrating massage machine on your muscles?

The machine technically sounds cool and the makers will probably argue that you can lose a great number of inches and pounds by simply watching TV while placing the machine on your assorted muscle groups. The other requires you to put personal time and energy into focusing on improving your overall health, which in turn allows you to lose weight and inches. In the long run, which one will give you the better overall (long-term) results?

You Choose

So, do you want marketing programs that imitate the hare (they sound good but burn out fast) or ones precisely designed for the long haul to win the race?

Xcellimark designs Internet Marketing programs using best practices that actually work. Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you.

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