Mastering B2B Content Marketing

Nancy Lambert

Business marketers know they have to do things differently online. The fact that most firms are playing to distracted, media-overloaded audiences means that it's essential for them to differentiate themselves with advanced B2B content marketing strategies.

Using Multiple Tactics

Content marketers and B2B strategists advise firms not to overreach their powers, but it's still important to engage in multiple marketing strategies. Integrate your web marketing with your real-world advertising, and never focus on one media format and neglect the others.

Produce Engaging, Sufficient Content

Yes, it's better to have a small amount of interesting content than large quantities of spammy articles on your blog, but you must find a happy medium. Learn how to recycle what you already have by using it to gauge what consumers want to see next. Finally, take that inspiration as a starting point for developing new content.

Master LinkedIn

Use your professional connections to your advantage. Keep people interested in your internal workings by displaying your corporate structure within LinkedIn's professional framework. This will help your hiring processes, and it will also improve your public image.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are important because they humanize your firm. Don't overdo things by trying to emulate personal pages, but use these websites to draw attention to your most interesting articles, images, videos and other multimedia content as well as direct traffic to your sites.

Balance Your Sources

While producing your content in-house is a great way to establish a more personal feel, outsourced content creation has advantages that can't be beat. Take advantage of both by creating essential content in-house, and leave the bulk to an outside professional with a fresh viewpoint.

Increase Budgets to Increase Brand Awareness

Firms that spend more on B2B marketing see greater returns from it. But remember not to simply throw money at your marketing staff without providing any direction. Use B2B content marketing as a tool to improve your brand's reach, and always be analytical in judging the results.

Nancy Lambert

Written by Nancy Lambert

As a co-founder at Xcellimark, an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency based in Orlando FL, Nancy Lambert has been helping companies increase sales opportunities and leads through digital inbound marketing for over 17 years. She has over 30 years’ experience in the marketing field and has helped enterprise companies and small businesses alike increase marketing leads and convert them into sales. Nancy holds various marketing certifications in HubSpot for Inbound Marketing and Training as well as Advanced Landing Page Optimization certification from Marketing Experiments. She recognizes the importance of understanding the psychology behind marketing messaging, landing page messaging and sales messaging. She combines her experience and continued education into digital marketing and sales to help clients and HubSpot User Group members improve their marketing and increase their sales.

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